Mattress U.V Sterlization and Steam Cleaning

Mattress U.V Sterlization and Steam Cleaning

Regardless of how well you clean your home, you might neglect one significant area that might impact your health i.e. the mattress you sleep on.
We might not be aware of the fact, but we sweat the most during the night time, and doubtlessly your mattress pad can become home to parasites, microscopic organisms, and small bugs that feed on your sticky sweat.

The more we stay in bed, the more we sweat, therefore more germs on our bedding. What about babies who spend most of their time in bed? They'll be prone to itchy skin, rashes, infection, etc.

Your bedding can be the dirtiest thing in your whole house.

Have you ever thought what can be done to prevent germs and small viruses?

Maintaining cleanliness is the only way. But the harsh reality is, people generally clean their mattresses by dusting with any cloth or towel all over the surface of the mattress which in turn releases more bacteria in the environment and then complain about asthma and other respiratory problems.

Other than dusting with cloth what can be done to clean the mattress?

Men at Work services have a solution for you. We clean the mattress with special machines, considering the health factor.

STEP 1: We use Health pro Machine equipped with UltraViolet Sterilizing Lamp which will be run on the mattress on the coir side to kill and vacuum the dust mites from inside.

STEP 2: After the health-pro machine, a steam cleaner will run on the mattress to clear all the bacteria and dust mites with steam.

Benefits of U.V Sterilization and Steam Cleaning

  • Kills 99.9% of all microorganisms.
  • Eradicate dust mites and germs and their faeces from your bed.
  • Steam cleaner sanitizes your mattress from all bacteria.
  • Vacuuming helps your mattress to remove all the dust and mites.
  • It is a chemical free treatment and no toxins used.
  • Safe on all types of mattress (such as coir, sponge, foam and cotton).
  • No drying time required.

What We Won't Do

  • Cleaning will be done on only one side i.e. customer sleeping side (either coir or foam as per the mattress placement).
  • Spotting and shampooing of the mattress.
  • Stain removal from the mattress.
  • Mending and stitching of mattress or mattress covers.
  • Sterilization on both the side of the mattress.
  • Steam cleaning cannot be used in memory foam mattress (leads to musty odor from the mattress).
  • We do not run UV machines on pillows and cushions.