Best House Cleaning Services in Hyderabad

House cleaning services in Hyderabad

Top-Notch Home Cleaning Services in Hyderabad

On a regular basis, we generally do normal cleaning of our homes which includes dusting and moping.

But when it’s some special occasion or your bustling calendar, in the event that you haven't got your home cleaned altogether for quite a long time or away for a long vacation and your home needs bunches of real effort to get it cleaned professionally. If you are a working person, it’s not your cup of tea, you definitely require a helping hand.

NaukarHubprovidesone of the best house cleaning services in Hyderabad. Home cleaning service also includes washroom cleaning, bedroom cleaning and almost every corner of your house. Time is of the quintessence and you can't do it all alone. At that point we are for you-Men at Work Cleaning Professional's-your response to all cleaning issues. In the multi-day, your home is going to oomph with our one-time profound cleaning.

What we Do

  • Cleaning : Expelling all spider webs, the damp dusting of all the installations (lights, fans, air conditioners, window flame, window glass, window outlines, door jamb, mirrors, casings, and taps, shower heads, picture frames, etc)
  • Steam Cleaning : Tabletops, glass tops, picture frames, skirtings, overlaid surfaces, glass surfaces and porcelain surfaces.
  • Vacuuming : Floor, underneath the tables, under the beds, corners, couches, pads, seats, rugs and mats.
  • Foam Cleaning : Washroom tiles, wash bowl, vanity counter, bathtub, glasses, mirrors, water storage room, taps, sanitary items and washroom floor.
  • Machine Scrubbing : Complete accessible floor, staircase, wall tiles.
  • Air Purification : Placement of air purifier in your entire house.

What we Don't Do

  • Expelling the fixed furniture from one spot to another amid the procedure of cleaning.
  • Cleaning of utensils, crockery and cutlery.
  • Internal cleaning of wardrobes, racks, storage and kitchen cupboards.
  • Theme painted surfaces like ceilings, walls and other wall murals.
  • Cleaning of air conditioners, exhaust fans from outside.
  • Window grills and mirrors from outside (with the exception of those which are in balconies)
  • Descaling of high salt formation areas.
  • Complete cleaning of the container, biting and smoke stains.
  • Removing and cleaning of high rise curtains, above 10feet’s height.