Best Bathroom Cleaning Services in Hyderabad

Bathroom cleaning services in Hyderabad

Top-Notch Bathroom Cleaning Services

The washroom is considered as one of the most important place which requires cleaning on regular basis in a house. It’s where you start and end your day at. When a friend visits your house or you visit his, the cleanliness of washroom speaks everything about the personality. Its cleanliness is must but people are ‘ too busy ’ to keep their washrooms clean. Anyone who had had a bad experience in your washroom may not like to visit your home again. NaukarHub provides one of the best bathroom cleaning services in Hyderabad who never want this to happen, as a true saying “first impression is the last impression”. We have a perfect solution for all this. We provide extra care when it comes to the cleanliness of the bathroom. Our employees are well trained and have a fine hand in cleaning every detail of your washroom thoroughly.

The cleaning products used by us are preliminarily tested, approved and meet all the standards for effective bathroom cleaning.

Starting with Dusting, we remove all the spiderwebs, damp-dust i.e. cleaning of all the fixtures which includes lights, window grills, window glass, window frames, door frame, doors, mirrors, frames, taps, shower heads, shower curtains with a clean wet cloth.

Then the foam cleaning where the foam is sprayed followed by manual scrubbing. Further washroom tiles, washbasins, vanity counters, water closets, other sanitary ware and floor are washed aptly and properly.

Once the foam cleaning is done, the next step is steam cleaning. Water closet, vanity counter, mirrors and wall tiles are prone to encounter greasy dirt easily. Utilizing the steam, filthy surfaces can be cleaned.

Machine Scrubbing of the complete accessible floor with special tools and equipment.

Sanitization and Disinfection products reduce germs by killing them. Washbasin, vanity counter, water closet and floor surfaces ought to be cleaned with a good cleaner before disinfection.

As promised, we provide add on services like descaling of mirrors, taps, shower cubicles and bathtubs.

What We Don’t Do

  • Replacement or fixing of the broken or loose spares.
  • Hard stains on stainless steel fixtures, rust stains on shower heads or health faucets.
  • Outside cleaning of exhaust fan, a window grill and frames.
  • Surface polishing, cleaning of sealant floors.